SHENIX® offers financial tools and resources to Latina entrepreneurs to help them on their road to success.


Latinas are one of the fastest-growing consumer segments in the United States,  representing over 18% of the United States population and making up over half of the U.S. Hispanic population. Very often, Latina women are the ones making financial decisions in their households and businesses. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that we are seeing an increase in Latina entrepreneurs–also known as emprendedoras. These female entrepreneurs are beating the odds and driving economic growth and opportunity in their communities.


Latina entrepreneurs are making their voices heard and creating positive change in their communities. Their business ventures create economic opportunities and inspire other women to pursue their passions, and they demonstrate that it is possible to succeed despite the odds. With the growing number of Latina entrepreneurs, investors are beginning to take notice and increasingly recognize the potential and power of Latina-owned businesses.


There are a growing number of organizations and networks dedicated to connecting Latina entrepreneurs with business advice, resources, and access to investors. One of these organizations is SHENIX®–a fintech app that provides financial tools and resources to help Latinas feel confident in their financial decisions.


Olga Camargo, the founder of SHENIX®, knows that emprendedoras have immense potential and provide great value within their families, communities, and the greater U.S. economy. But she also knows that most financial apps and resources fail to recognize the cultural mindset that Latinas have. That’s why SHENIX® is paving the way for Latina entrepreneurs and others to grow their wealth and close wage and money gaps.


The rise of Latina entrepreneurs is a testament to their determination and resilience. By overcoming obstacles and creating paths for other Latinas to follow, Latina entrepreneurs prove that they are a force to be reckoned with. This rise of the emprendedora is also a greater indicator of U.S. economic growth. Closing wage gaps shows that the economy is continuing to grow and becoming more equitable, and Latinas are a huge driving force behind this.


SHENIX® is a great financial partner for Latinas on their respective roads to success–whether in business or personal finance. It’s easy to get started with SHENIX® today by registering, getting a free budget recommendation, and getting connected with financial advisors specific to individual financial needs.