SHENIX® is an innovative financial company built by Latinas/x, for Latinas/x, providing culturally relevant financial services to the Latina/x community to help them accelerate their economic and social transformation while prioritizing their cultural mindset. SHENIX® offers financial education, digital financial services, career planning, and salary negotiation resources, and access to investment advisory services that support Latinas/x life goals.

SHENIX® is an innovative financial company built by Latinas/x, for Latinas/x

Our Mission

Our mission is to address Latina Equal Pay Day and support Latinas in closing the wealth gap, the widest faced by any group in the U.S. SHENIX® is supported by the University of Illinois System, U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Illinois Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, LatinX Incubator, Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement, LatinaStyle Magazine, TechRise by P33, and is a member of 1871—Chicago’s premier technology and entrepreneurship Center. Negocios Now National Hispanic Business Publication listed FARO Associates DBA SHENIX® in its “50 Most Powerful Business in Illinois.”


When I was a freshman in high school, I worked part-time, side by side, with my mother at her bridal shop. She taught me much about business, including how to help customers select gowns and accessories that symbolized their eagerness for a new life, a new happy beginning. 

I witnessed my mother’s business acumen—how she provided customer service, offered wonderful gowns, and ensured her customers would know they would have that promised new beginning. During this time, different vendors would visit the shop to pitch their products or services. One day, a financial representative approached my mom with a service pitch. He only spoke English, and my mother only spoke Spanish. So, I stepped in as a temporary translator. 

Immediately, the representative stopped speaking to my mother, a long-time businesswoman who handled customers for years. Instead, he solely pitched his product to me, a 14-year-old high school student. It was like my mother had vanished from the room.

She hadn’t vanished and since then neither did that scene from my mind. I just kept thinking: This isn’t right.  Unfortunately, this situation wasn’t an anomaly. My mother and other Latinas like her had a long list of similar experiences, where they were discounted or overlooked simply because they were Spanish-speaking Latinas. Life would eventually teach me that even English-speaking Latinas get largely ignored and overlooked by the financial industry, so action is needed. Working with other recognized and trusted national leaders, and co-founders, we’re building SHENIX® to help address these long-standing issues facing Latinas and much more. Our mission is simple: Help Latinas build their financial legacy.

Olga Camargo
Founder and CEO

Chicago Roots

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