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SHENIX® helps Latinas make the best-informed money decisions. Accelerate your economic and social transformation, meet your financial goals, including investments to open your business, buy a home, and plan for retirement.

What we provide

  • Select content will be in Spanish, and delivered via recorded sessions, articles, and live webinars
  • Emergency fund, life insurance, Roth/IRA/401k/403b retirement savings, credit score, college savings, access to capital, portfolios
  • Budget. Built to better understand how money is being used and see ways to make improvements. It also creates awareness that a percentage of money should be saved in a bank account and for retirement. A new budget can be run each time salary changes.
  • Wealth Planning Tools for Individuals/Business Owners. Understand net worth, debt-to-income ratio, to better understand ability to manage monthly payments before borrowing money.
  • English/Spanish-speaking Financial Advisors. Available to help with Roth IRAs, IRAs, SEP IRAs, 401k, personal portfolios.
  • Access to job opportunities, career development resources, professional coaches.
  • Career Leadership Development Programs available along with salary negotiation resources and professional coaches.
  • Latina Business Program (pitch for funding, access to capital, develop growth strategy)

It’s easy to join, get a FREE Budget!

Set Up Profile

Users can select the investment services they need and answer a short survey that tell us more about their financial and career goals.

Get Your FREE Customized Budget

Immediately after the survey, users get a customized budget recommendation from our staff.

SHENIX® Takes Care of the Rest

We use the survey information to give you the option to be matched with an English and Spanish-speaking financial advisor and/or career coach. No purchase is necessary.

*No credit card necessary.

Learn with SHENIX®

Sample this great content and more will be available in the app soon!

• Webinars

• Empowering financial information

• Inspirational articles

• Get the latest information on Latinas in business

• Career advice

• More!

SHENIX® FREE Plan Options


Quick sign up and access to financial and career info.

For Latinas wanting to learn at their own pace.

✔️ Individual taxable account (no IRA)

✔️ One-on-one sessions with financial advisor or career coach



More personalization guidance and support.

For Latinas ready to accelerate transformation.

Includes everything from Indispensable and:

✔️ Access to IRA/ROTH accounts

✔️ Personalized retirement advisory services

✔️ Guidance on how to invest a 401(k)

✔️ Support for IRA transfers or 401(k)/403(b) rollovers



Customized investment accounts for your money goals.

For Latinas optimizing their financial and career futures

Includes everything from Jefa and:

✔️ Up to four customized investment accounts for each of your money goals

✔️ Sessions with a financial advisor or career coach


*No credit card necessary.

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