The start of your career is an exciting and sometimes confusing time. There is so much to take in, consider, and learn. With so much happening, it’s important to cut through the clutter and get back to basics. Here are five solid tips to keep in mind as a young Latina starting out in business.

1.     Build a Strong Network

Building a solid network is common advice for people in any business–and that’s because it’s good advice. You will need support and guidance as you grow in your career. A strong network to help you develop your skills and share opportunities will be invaluable. Your network will likely grow organically as you work in your field, but you can be proactive here; attend conferences or networking events, join your Chamber of Commerce, and intentionally connect with other Latinas in your field to get ahead in this area.

2.     Set Goals for Yourself

Have a vision for yourself. Create both short and long-term goals for your career, finances, and personal life. Then think through the small actionable steps you can take to meet them. Remember, it’s okay if your goals change. Don’t be afraid to reassess your priorities and goals as you experience changes in your professional and personal life. The most important thing is to be mindful of where you are, where you want to be, and what you can realistically do to get there.

3.     Resist Complacency

Resisting complacency in your career doesn’t mean that you must strive for the highest role in your company, or constantly be moving to new opportunities. This can be exhausting and unfulfilling. However, you should never settle for less than you deserve. Work to build the life you want for yourself – whether that’s entrepreneurship, chasing promotions, or working your way up a salary schedule you can count on. Advocate for yourself and don’t be afraid to ask for a raise or promotion.

4.     Advocate for Yourself

As you advocate for a raise, credit for your contributions, or simply use your voice to stand up for yourself, you will be grateful that you have a supportive network. As you face challenges in your career, lean on your network to guide your approach. Embrace your cultural identity and don’t shy from it. You may face unique challenges as a Latina, but with a strong resolve and the right network you can be prepared and grow from them.

5.     Be Mindful of Your Finances

As you begin your career, it may be the first time you have had complete control over your finances and income. It’s important to begin good financial habits and planning. It can be tempting to see your paycheck and imagine all the things you can do with it–but it’s easy to forget about long-term investments, savings accounts, and more. Look to your network for advice and guidance here, and make sure to check out  SHENIX®: an easy-to-use app that provides financial education, investing tools, banking services,  investment advisory services, and more for Latina entrepreneurs.

As a young Latina, you have a lot of room to grow. Having the right tools, resources, partners, and mindset is more important than ever!  SHENIX® is happy to be part of your network as you navigate your growing career!